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Nowadays, every business demands highly powerful and user friendly mobile applications in order to broadcast its services and to achieve success on both financial and corporate ends. Thanks to the fast growing digital technology which has provided a cross platform to the developers so that they can explore the conducts of mobile application development and its utility for Android and iOS devices.

Cross Platform mobile Application Development Tools:

Cross platform apps have a compelling proposition and beautiful gameplay mechanics. Various tools are employed in the development process, but the preference is always based on the attribute associated with the development objectives.

Tools used by cross-platform developers.

PhoneGapPhoneGap is one of the most preferred cross platform development tools for the first time developers. The free resource tool is applicable for translating code from CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript. Using this tool, developers can build mobile game development company in the cloud, which works by downloading and installing the executable files on the devices.


This tool is famous for its applicability and is world widely recognized as “write once, and run anywhere.” It provides a C# based framework to the users for fabricating Android, Windows and iOS apps. Using this, developers can utilize Xbasic,¬†JavaScript, Cobra and C++.


The open source framework has covered more than 300 APIs. It allows the programmers to build native Android and iOS apps by using HTML, CSS3, PHP, Ruby, Python and JavaScript.Unity 3D- This tool is highly preferred for the gaming apps and video games for websites, PC and consoles. It provides interesting and fascinating graphics to the users. The best approach of Unity 3D framework is its code development which lets the users export games to the different stages.


RhoMobile suite is based on Ruby. It allows the app functionality on different platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, RIM and Symbian. Opting this, developers can reuse the code by storing it at a central location.



This framework supports Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and various other technologies.

There are various advantages of cross platform development services tools such as: cost effectiveness, time saving, consistency, access to plugin and quick solution. These rich features have provided a perfect solution to the developers all over the world and helped the business to raise the revenue stream in an effective way.