Marble Threshold in New York


Marble Door Granite Threshold

Why pick nothing but the marble thresholds for your floorings? Because it’s not just about serving the purpose, it’s about elegance as well. Marble thresholds are hands down gorgeous and lasting. Hence, why not link the floors in the classiest way possible.

Talking about your house, you want it to be splendid at all the angles and details. So if you have different flooring in adjacent rooms, nothing bridges the gap more beautifully than marble thresholds. This is how you create a graceful transition. Also, these thresholds are available in a variety of shades and sizes. So you can choose the one that fits closest to your terms.

Although you can hire the experts for installing the thresholds at your home, doing it yourself is no big deal. When you decide to go the DIY route, here are the top things to remember.

1. Measure like a pro

Do recognize the point of measurement. You’re not going to buy a piece of cloth for your outfits. It’s marble, and it’s expensive. You want the least possible wastage of it. Inappropriate measurement might bring something that’s way too larger to fit. If the marble has more or less depth than required, there will be an ugly pit or elevation as well. You want to fill the gap tight. The only way is the cut thin chips out of the marble. Not only the part you cut out gets wasted, but there’s also the risk of cracking the whole strip. That’s why we say, be a pro in measurements.
2. Make proper cuts

We understand that you aren’t going to get the exact size as your floor gaps need. You would for sure need to cut your threshold. Do care to have a proper tool for the job. You need a tile wet saw here. Ensure the level of water in the holder is right before you begin. Mark precisely where you need the cuts and go gently with your blade. Also, don’t forget to dry the threshold before installing.

3. Choose the right attachment

When your marble threshold is ready with the right size, you can go for its installation. For that, you need an attachment method. Now, the choice of this approach is highly important as you want the threshold to be intact at its place. For the ones with concrete floors, thinset can do a great job. For wooden floors, you need to put some kind of baker board or other such things that create a sticky base for the threshold.
4. Stay safe

Cutting the marble thresholds isn’t an easy job. You would be working with really sharp and dangerous cutting tools. There can be a variety of factors that can harm you. The chips may hit and hurt your eyes you the sharp tools may cut your hands. So like most other similar jobs, your safety should be the priority. Wear eye protection safety glasses for eyes and carpenter’s gloves for hands.


Marbles thresholds are great for aesthetics and durability. These must be your first choice if you want the perfect blend of quality and looks. Make a smart choice and get these for your flooring job.