It’s a well known fact that good sleep is key to healthy living. Good sleep not only benefits the body but also the mind. In this age of increased human activity, comfort and value for sleep can’t be overemphasized. And yet, despite acknowledging this fact, most people still fail to sufficiently invest in their sleep. A poor mattress will offer, just like it, poor sleep. But not any more for you, Alphabet Mattress assures a good night’s sleep by providing quality foam mattress nyc. The mattress measures 76″ x 80″ x 10″ and weighs 91 lbs.

With thirty years of experience, Alphabet Mattress, has invested in technology and research to come up with different mattresses that will dwarf your day’s stress by wonderful sleep. A simple analysis of the mattress king size will evidently show it’s designed to sufficiently serve the user. The following design details will be revealed on the mattress’s cross-section:A breathable cover, resilient memory foam, air-dispensing visco-elastic gel and durable high-density foam.

Here are five key design factors that go into enhancing your good sleep experience.


Alphabet’s king size mattress is encased in an innovative breathable cover. Dust on mattresses is undesirable especially to people with respiratory allergies. This design feature goes a long away in ensuring proper breathing while sleeping. The air-dispensing visco-elastic gel gives a cooling effect by allowing free flow of air and heat.


A mattress’s ability to carry the user’s weight is derived from its firmness. Varying the firmness comes with different levels of support. Alphabet’s mattress king size is designed to provide balanced weight distribution ensuring the user’s body weight is effectively carried by the mattress structure. The first layer of memory form in the mattress responds to the applied pressure by taking the user’s body shape and retakes its usual form when the pressure is withdrawn. In turn, this ensures absence of a myriad of health issues associated with sagging mattresses such as back pains.


No-one wants intermittent sleep, sleep breaks due to discomfort are a thing of the past with Alphabet’s mattress king size. The first layer of memory foam in the mattress softens when subjected to body heat. As such, the the soft surface occasioned by this response relieves the users of probable pains in their bodies. Inaddition, softening allows the mattress respond to different body curves and shapes.

Movement by a bed partner can disturb ones sleep. To cure this, the air-dispensing gel controls motion by free movement of air within it.


The bottom most design feature, high-density foam, primarily contributes to durability of the mattress. It provides excellent padding for the mattress and maintains the shape of the mattress.

Free air circulation availed by the creativity in the design of the Alphabet’s mattress king size ensures no waft of odor disturbingly strikes you in your sleep.

Alphabet Mattresses offers other sizes of mattresses including custom sizes on order. The company also offers free delivery with New York City. The showroom’s physical address is 183-16 Jamaica Avenue, Hollis, NY 11423 and can be accessed 9:00PM-5:00PM on Monday and 10:00AM-5:00PM from Tuesday to Friday. The Alphabet Mattress team can be reached via telephone on 718 454 3330 or via email on info@alphabetmattress. com.

Get in touch with them for quality service. Remember, a poor mattress can cost you more than good sleep-your health is at stake.